European Dedicated Servers with NMVe Storage and 10-gigabit Connectivity

Published by HCE - March 18, 2020

HCE has announced processor, memory, and storage upgrades for dedicated servers hosted in London, UK, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have added NMVe/PCI-Express Solid-State Drives to all dedicated hosting plans.

Our entry-level "4 Core " Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 (or E3-1240v6) dedicated server that comes with 32 GB RAM, 2x 240GB SSD, and 100-megabit bandwidth on 1 Gigabit internet connection now can be upgraded to "2x 521 GB" or "2 x 1 TB" NMVe storage. Depending on individual client's networking requirements they can either keep the 100-megabit bandwidth allowance on a 1-gigabit Internet connection; upgrade their bandwidth to an unmetered 1-gigabit port, or switch their network to 10-gigabit.

The memory can of all Intel Xeon, Quad-Core dedicated servers can be upgraded to 64 GB RAM.

"We are glad to begin provisioning the highest possible performance of Quad-Core bare-metal dedicated servers in London and Amsterdam. In both locations, we offer server configurations that feature, 4 to 28 CPU cores, 32 GB to 256 GB RAM, and a choice of enterprise SATA, SSD, or NMVe storage. Our clients can choose from various internet connectivity options - from 100 Mbps bandwidth allowance on 1-gigabit internet connection, through a full 1-gigabit unmetered network to 10-gigabit connectivity with specific bandwidth or data transfer allowance," says the HCE's CEO Dimitar Avramov.

HCE allows its clients to add up to 256 IP addresses (/24 IPv4 blocks) to their dedicated hosting service or to announce their own IPv4 space.

Our company delivers dedicated hosting services from data centers located in 22 European cities - Amsterdam, The Hague, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Milano, Vienna, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Stockholm, Prague, Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, and Kyiv. HCE offers Dedicated Public and Private Cloud IaaS, based on VMware ESXi enterprise virtualization technology.

HCE has recently announced that it made its Milan POP a primary service center for delivering Italy Dedicated Hosting services. We deliver Dedicated Server Hosting services from a data center owned by FastWeb. It is a Tier 4 certified facility with 99.997% service uptime certified by Uptime Institute. Milan is the HCE's 21st point of presence (POP) in Europe at the end of 2019.

Since 2018 HCE has added London, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Kyiv (Kiev), and Belgrade to its map of technology infrastructure service locations. The company delivers UK Dedicated Servers, from 4 London based data centers - Telehouse North, Equinix LD8, City Reach (DDCL) and Volta.