Dedicated servers in Zaragoza, Spain data center

Published by HCE - 1 October, 2017

HCE has been receiving customer requests for Internet infrastructure for a long time, but for many reasons we haven't established our own POP (Point of Presence) in any Spanish data centers. In 2017 we have came to agreement with a data center based out of Zaragoza, owned and operated by UK company Redestel, and started offering physical Dedicated Servers, Cloud VMs and Application Hosting with low latency to all Southwestern Europe, covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The Zaragoza, Spain Data Center

Our Spanish data center is 3,000 square meters, Tier III class secured IT facility with 24x7 on-site security personnel; CCTV monitoring and recording; Proximity card access control system with audit and role based access control while the tenant's operations are subject to the data center's escorted access policy.

The electrical power distribution system including the UPS and Generators is configured in N+1 configuration. Each Colocation room has separate electrical power distribution units. The power supply feeds that distribute electricity to the IT cabinets have individual switches in power panels. The facility has two (2) diesel generator sets, 630 kVA each, which provide power supply for the entire data center with an automatic switching system. It takes on 15 seconds for the whole data center to start operating on the diesel generators in case of an unlikely failure of the power supply delivered from the public grid. The data center can run on diesel generators without interruption of the power supply for 35 hours at 50% load for each generator.

The data center is designed with hot and cold aisle arrangement with redundant climate control systems. The temperature in de IT colocation rooms are 22℃ with 50% humidity.

IT cabinets used in the facility are 600 mm x 1.000 mm x 2.200 mm. Each IT cabinet has two (2) power strips connected to two independent power cycles.

Networking and Internet Access

The Zaragoza data center Internet network features uplinks to Orange Espagne SA, Cogent and few more ISPs with the IP transit going through Orange S.A., CenturyLink (Level 3), Hurricane Electric,, Interoute Communications, Init7 and other ISPs and networks. Both IPv4 and IPv6 networking services are available.

Cloud Computing IaaS

As it does in most other of its European data center POPs, HCE also provisions VMware-based Cloud computing services from Zaragoza data center, with Cloud Servers, Hosted Private Clouds and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. The the Cloud IaaS products are available in our Cloud Computing section.

Spain Dedicated Servers

All three groups of Dedicated Hosting Services - "4 CPU CORES (1x INTEL XEON)" based servers, "8+ CPU CORES (2x INTEL XEON)" powered machines and the "24 CPU CORES (4x INTEL XEON)" based bare-metal servers are provisioned in the Zaragoza data center.

All HCE Spain based Dedicated Servers are connected to 1 Gbps port with 100 Mbps logical limits, which are removed for customers who require high bandwidth. The contracted Internet traffic for our Spain Dedicated Servers, starts from 5 TB metered data transfer per month.

All clients who have dedicated servers and IT infrastructure housed in the Zaragoza data center are supported by 24/7/365 onsite technicians, managed by our Spanish NOC partner and HCE's own 24/7 remote NOC.