Dedicated servers in Slovakia, Bratislava data center

Published by HCE - 9 March, 2015 (updated in March, 2018)

HCE has established POP in Bratislava, Slovakia, to serve customers who need physical Dedicated Servers and Cloud infrastructure with low latency to Central European countries and markets. In the beginning of March 2015, through a local Slovakian partner we have established a POP (Point of Presence) in Datacube data center, which is based out of Bratislava. So, as of March 9 HCE has started provisioning Dedicated Servers, VMware powered Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), networking services and Application Hosting from our new Bratislava POP, covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The Bratislava Data Center

The Bratislava data center is a Tier 4 class, 27OO square meters facility which has 20 Megawatts power available with redundant 110 kV power stations, located within less than 1 kilometer from the facility. The IT facility is secured by a high protective perimeter fence topped with razor wire. It is a physically resilient building with a precast concrete structure frame, steel-reinforced concrete walls - 0.18 meters in wight and a double roof. The load capacity of each floors above the ground one (which is 5,000 kg per square meter) is 1 500 kg per square meter. The walls and the doors are certified fire resistant for 60 to 120 minutes.

The cabinets used for housing IT equipment are connected to two (2x) independent power supply circuits (A+B). Diesel generators with a N+1 redundancy serve as backup power supply units, available to deliver power to the full capacity of the data center, for up to 72 hours in case of a power outage or failure in the public grid. The data center has two (2x) independent UPS battery systems at N+1 redundancy. The Colocation rooms are cooled by highly efficient cooling system with N+1 redundancy level, which features external ambient air pre-cooling and CRAC units to distribute cold filtered air through raised floors.

Networking on Demand

The Dedicated Servers and clients' appliances are connected to 1 Gbps ports by default in HCE Bratislava infrastructure. Our Partner's network features uplinks to Euroweb (TurkTelekomInternational with direct upstream to GTT Communications and NTT America) and Pro-Zeta a.s., (with uplinks to Telecom Italia, Telia and Hurricane Electric). As of March 2018 (the article has been updated), there are more than 30 other IP bandwidth carriers available in the facility. Any of them could be added as an Internet upstream to dedicated infrastructure setups or Virtual Private Clouds on 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Internet ports (subject to the client's networking equipment capacity, demand and contract length). Both IPv4 and IPv6 networking services are available.

Cloud Computing IaaS

HCE provisions VMware-based Public Cloud Servers, Private Clouds and Hybrid Cloud Servers through our local Slovakian partner or through our own entity, both of them VMware certified VSPPs. The Cloud IaaS products are available in HCE's Cloud Computing section.

Slovakia Dedicated Servers

All three groups of European Dedicated Servers - "4 CPU CORES (1x INTEL XEON)" based servers, "8+ CPU CORES (2x INTEL XEON)" powered machines and the "24 CPU CORES (4x INTEL XEON)" based physical servers can be provisioned in the Bratislava data center used by HCE.

All Bratislava Dedicated Servers are connected to 1 Gbps port with 100 Mbps logical limits, which can be removed per customer's request. The contracted Internet traffic, starts from 10 TB metered data transfer per month.

There are 24/7/365 onsite technicians in the Bratislava data center and 24/7 remote NOC support by HCE and our Slovakian NOC partner to support customers who have dedicated serves and infrastructure in the Slovakia data center.