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Outsourcing the management of your website, apps and hosting account to HCE and focus on business!

We will install and configure your web hosting account, your website and applications (or transfer them to HCE infrastructure from another provider) and will configure everything to your custom settings. Our administrators will apply the best practices and procedures to secure your account and to make sure that your website and applications perform well.

By using our "Managed Websites" service, you'll be able to leverage on our technology expertise and assign task to our Account specialists, who will deliver IT administration services based on our best procedures. No one will have a SSH or root access to your live installations, while at the same you'll always have a copy of your account, either locally or on a backup account.


Your data is hosted on a Storage Area Network (SAN) with built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.

The storage appliances feature redundancy on all data protection components, which adds High Availability to all storage services.

All SAN appliances are a backward-compatible. We keeps data snapshots, which allow us to go back and to restore data set as it was 24 hours prior any incident or a loss of information, result of mismanagement or a client side human mistake.


You'll be surprised by the performance of your Website and Apps

Our enterprise SATA HDD based Storage Area Network is not just Fault-Tolerant. It offers and excellent I/O. It is so good that you might never need to use an SSD-based storage!

However, if you need enterprise-grade SSD storage service, it is available at very reasonable cost per GB.

Finally, you can always assign different storage services to your applications. Some of your data can reside on a SATA virtual storage drives, while others could use our enterprise SSD service. It is your decision!


We keep your web hosting account, websites and applications up to date and compliant with the web standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

This helps your to avoid any technology incompatibilities with any 3rd party applications, software platforms and IT ecosystems, which your installations need to use. The standard-based installations and applications are always more secure as they are compatible with the latest software versions.


Have you ever calculated the reliability impact on your business development? Application downtime and interruption of workloads and services are very costly. They result into a direct loss of money and usually damage the reputation of any business.

Our "Managed Websites" service features increased availability! In case of any OS failure or and outage on the physical host, where your website and apps work, we just migrate your account on a different host, part of HCE Cloud computing system. At the same time your data is always safe as it resides on our Fault-Tolerant SAN.


Review the most important "Managed Websites" questions and answers. They are created to increase your awareness on the nature of HCE's Managed website hosting services and on the benefits for you organization.

The "Managed Websites" includes: website and app installations, security and hardening, software updates, account optimization and uptime monitoring (HTTP, HTTPS and per IP). Unlike the Self-Managed Web Hosting, the "Managed Websites" service includes client side work and troubleshooting of any standards-based Open Source applications such as Content Management Systems (CSM), Blog systems, E-Commerce software apps, Forums, ERP based installations, Poll and Survey systems and most of the Applications included in the Softaculous Software library.

We do not provide technical support to any proprietary software and 3rd party development applications or programming code different from the standards-based Open Source software applications available in the Softaculous Auto-installer library.


HCE Managed Website specialists also do not do coding, fix issues and bugs, which are part of the core functionality of any software application, used by our customers. We also don't develop modules for any software applications. However, if we asked by any Customer to organize the process ordering and provisioning of any such apps, on behalf our themselves, we can do that as a part of the "Managed Website" contract.

There is one (1) hour of management service included in the base monthly price of the "Managed Websites". Each additional our or management service costs €25 per hour and is usually prepaid by the clients.

All management services part of the "Managed Websites" are assigned to our administrators through Support Ticket in our Account Management & Customer Support system at The service delivery and acceptance of the service is also communicated in the Support Ticket. For quality assurances, each task must be assigned in the separate Support Ticket. Multi-taking in the tickets is not encouraged as it often slows the management service delivery and increases the administration time on customer's expense, something that HCE tries to avoid!


Working client-side on phone calls or through any Instant Messaging services is not part of the Managed Website service, unless the client isn't on any specific Premium Managed Websites contract. Any time spend on

We deliver the "Managed Websites" service on monthly and on annual contracts. The prices displayed above show the monthly cost of any of HCE's four standard "Managed Websites" plans, contracted on annual basis. So, if you sign up for "Managed Website - Advanced", for example, you agree to use this service plan for 1 year and to pay HCE, for the the services we deliver over the course of the 12-month contract, the amount of €696 (12 months x €58). Although that we don't charge upfront for the "Managed Website" plans (with the only exception of "Managed Website - Basic", charged on annual basis at the amount of €348 /12 x €29/), you as a client must understand and agree that the pricing granted to the client who use the "Managed Website" plans on annual contract apply only to the specified contracted period.


In order to take advantage from the preferential Managed Website service rate available with the annual contracts, the client agrees to sign a Managed Website agreement and to leave their credit card on file with our online merchant processor.

We allow our clients to switch from an annual to a monthly contract at any time. However, if any client wants to transform their annual contract into a monthly one, HCE will go backwards and charge the difference in the hourly fee between annual and monthly contract rates, for all used service months by the client. It is €20 per month! So, if a client decides to transform their annual "Managed Website - Advanced" plan into monthly one, starting from the 4th service month, they will have to pay the amount of €60, which would be the difference between the managed service rates granted to monthly and annual services contracts.

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