Dedicated enterprise-grade Cloud Infrastructure

We build and provision to our clients Hosted Dedicated Cloud infrastructures based on VMware computing platform. The Hosted Dedicated Cloud provides you with a single tenant private infrastructure with dedicated Cloud-based computing servers, layer-2 network isolation for the workload traffic, persistent storage and your own cloud management interface. You apply your own rules and policies to the infrastructure capacity allocation.

Purpose-built Storage & Services

Our clients can choose between different storage technologies - starting with a regular RAID 10 protected storage appliances, though enterprise-grade physical storage to Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions. HCE can create a your own private Storage Area Network (SAN) with built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.

Custom Security Policy

The VMware-powered Hosted Dedicated Cloud allows your organisation to easily implement your security policy and take advantage from a number of services such as Firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Load balancer, NAT or DHCP and more.

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Business Continuity (100% Service Uptime)

If you need Business Continuity, HCE will apply an Automated Fault-Tolerance function as a service provides to your Hosted Dedicated Cloud. It features continuous availability for applications in an event of outage on any physical host, an OS failure or an application downtime. The Automated Fault-Tolerance creates a live shadow Cloud instance (Failover Cloud VM) on your Dedicated Cloud, which is synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one. In an event of service outage, the AFT automatically starts the failover Cloud VM, ensuring zero downtime and preventing data loss.

High Availability (HA)

The HA service provides uniform, cost-effective failover protection against any outage caused by a physical host server or an Operating System (OS) failure. The High Availability (HA) service monitors the Cloud instances (Cloud VMs) on your Hosted Dedicated Cloud, to detect a failure on the physical hosts or any Operating System failures inside the Cloud VMs. If an outage is detected, the HA restarts the Cloud VM on another physical host, part of your Dedicated Cloud infrastructure. The operations on the Cloud VM resume automatically without a need to reboot the server manually.

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