Dedicated servers in Greece - Athens and Thessaloniki data centers

Published by HCE - 1 March, 2015 (updated in February, 2018)

HCE has been working for a while to establish an IT service hub in a Greece, which would help our customers to deliver content and IT services with low latency in Greece and Southeastern Europe. In March 2015 we have established a POP (Point of Presence) in data centers based out of Athens and Thessaloniki, through a local Greek partner. This has made possible for HCE to provide both Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), networking services and various Application services, covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The Greece Data Center

The Athens data center is a Tier 3 class facility that features N+1 redundancy level for power (UPS and Generators in N+1 configuration). All IT cabinets feature A+B power feed, delivered through independent physical paths. The data rooms are equipped with a cooling system in a N+1 configuration, which guarantees that temperature and humidity remains stable under all circumstances. There is an early fire detection and fast suppression system in place. Roof space is available for clients who need to mount any communication equipment, including satellite antennas.

Networking on Demand

The Dedicated Servers and clients' appliances are connected to 100 Mbps ports by default in HCE Greek infrastructure. We can also connect customers physical servers or Dedicated Cloud IaaS on Shared 1 Gbps Internet Ports with an effective use of 500 Mbps or to Dedicated 1 Gbps Internet Ports. As of March 2018 (the article has been updated), the following directs upstreams are available: Telia, Hurricane Electric, Cogent, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority and NetIX internet exchange. Both IPv4 and IPv6 networking services are available.

Cloud Computing IaaS

All European VMware Public Cloud servers, Hosted Private Cloud and Hybrid Clouds available in HCE data center, based out of Equinix Sofia facility in Bulgaria, can also be configured and provisioned from our Greek infrastructure, excluding the Fault-Tolerant Storage. It is available to Dedicated Cloud setups, however.

Athens and Thessaloniki Dedicated Servers

All three groups of Dedicated Servers - "4 CPU CORES (1x INTEL XEON)" based servers, "8+ CPU CORES (2x INTEL XEON)" powered machines and the "24 CPU CORES (4x INTEL XEON)" based physical servers can be provisioned in the Greek data centers used by HCE.

All Greek Dedicated Servers are by default to 100 Mbps physical internet ports with certain amount of contracted Internet traffic, which starts from 5TB metered data transfer per month. Dedicated 1 GigE port are also available.

There are 24/7/365 onsite technicians and 24/7 in the Athens and Thessaloniki data centers and two remote NOCs (one of HCE and other of our Greek NOC partner) to support customers who have dedicated serves and infrastructure in the Greek data centers.