Dedicated servers in different points of Europe. How does HCE do it?

Published by HCE - 01 February, 2015

Can you guess what is the number of POPs (Points of Presence) that HCE maintains across Europe and in which are the geographical locations we provision dedicated servers from? On this page, we will answer the first question - we offer Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers in 17 European cities.

HCE provisions Dedicated Servers from its own or partner POPs in Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Paris, Athens, Bratislava, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Prague, Luxembourg, Oslo, Sofia, Tbilisi, Vienna and Zaragoza. We are also a partner into the Equinix ecosystem, which allows us to deploy server capacity in another 15 data centers in different European cities and countries. We will present all POPS where HCE offers Dedicated Servers in in separate blog articles.

Our main data center is located at Equinix 1 facility, in Sofia, Bulgaria. It works great for content delivery to all over Europe. Our network there offers an average latency of 39 ms or less to most European cities and countries. See more in our article about Dedicated Server Hosting in Bulgaria.

One of the most interesting location for offering Dedicated hosting services within the last few years is Greece (Dedicated Servers in Greece). There is a growing demand for IT computing capacity in Greece, including physical dedicated servers use for various purposes - for hosting business and e-commerce websites, for various applications and business workloads which move from the offices to the Cloud and for content delivery. In Greece HCE offers Dedicated servers with metered data transfer connected on 100 Mbps (standard offering) and 1 Gbps Internet ports. The 1 GigE ports are available as "Shared" and "Dedicated", depending on the customers' demands. We partner three Greek data centers and offer an opportunity for our clients who use their own AS to connect to the Greek Internet Exchange.

Another two locations which are in high demand when it comes to Dedicated Hosting services are Paris and Vienna. In Paris we deliver Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers from Telehouse and Equinix data centers, while in Vienna we are happy to have a good partner, based out in Interxion facility.

In Paris HCE offers services with metered data transfer on 1 Gbps ports, while in Vienna we are happy to offer server with 10 TB, 30 TB and full 1 GigE ports.

Vienna is one of the best possible places in Europe for content delivery due to its geographical location. It offers low latency to almost any point of the continent.

We usually receive a lot of inquiries for IT infrastructure, including dedicated servers, located in London, where HCE offers a number of opportunities and POPs.

Pay attention to our Zaragoza, Spain, Helsinki, Finland and and Tbilisi, Georgia. Theye are very good niche markets to serve certain geographical areas, especially our Zaragoza colocation center which is an excellent POP to deliver content and services to the Spanish market and the whole European South West.

All Dedicated Hosting services come with bandwidth graphs, IPMI remote reboot and 24/7 Remote NOC and onsite support, although that the onsite response time and remote hands delivery vary based on the clients' demand. Various virtualization platforms and techniques such as VMware vSphere, Kernel-based Virtual Machine, Proxmox VE can be added to the Infrastructure Hosting services.