UK Dedicated Servers & Cloud Infrastructure in London Data Centers

Published by HCE - March 10, 2019

For many years HCE has been receiving requests for Dedicated Servers and Cloud infrastructure in the UK. Since 2012 we have used various data centers in the UK to deliver services to our customers. After the Brexit which is expected to happen in 2020, we believe that the different regulations of the telecommunication industry in the UK, compared to those in the European Union and the more liberal UK telco market will result in increasing demands for UK Dedicated Servers and various Cloud services.

In 2018, we have signed a partnership agreements with few NOC partners in the UK who started providing HCE with a premium networking service in 4 London based data centers. As a result of that our UK network uses premium Tier 1 Internet bandwidth providers like NTT, Telia, GTT, TATA and Cogent and is also connected to LINX and LONAP, and peers directly with hundreds of local UK and internationals ISPs.

In the Q2 of 2018 HCE has begun offering Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Servers and Application Hosting with 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Internet connection, from 4 London based data centers - Telehouse North, Equinix LD8, City Reach (DDCL) and Volta.

London Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Cloud

Our clients who need UK Dedicated Server Hosting can choose between 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Internet connections. HCE provisions custom-built servers with Linux or Windows OS and our customers can use SSD or SATA storage, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DDoS protection and many other on demand services. All bare-metal Dedicated Servers are dual powered and virtualization-ready. Our entry level UK dedicated servers feature Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD and 10 TB of data transfer per month. A Bare-Metal server with this configuration start at €139/month ($154 or £120).

Those customers who need Dedicated Cloud infrastructure can take advantage from our High Availability and Fault-Tolerant Cloud IaaS services, powered with VMware computing technologies. Our UK Hosted Dedicated Cloud solutions provide our customers with a single tenant private infrastructure with dedicated Cloud-based computing servers, layer-2 network isolation for the workload traffic, persistent storage and your own cloud management interface. You apply your own rules and policies to the infrastructure capacity allocation.