Cloud Services & Dedicated Servers in Denmark, Copenhagen Data Center

Published by HCE - December 1, 2018

For many years HCE has been receiving requests for Infrastructure and Cloud computing capacity for Northern part of Europe and Denmark in particular. For many years we have been maintaining a Point of Presence (POP) in Amsterdam and Netherlands (See Dedicated Servers in Netherlands). However, as a major hub of Internet traffic Amsterdam has become commoditized market for IT IaaS, while the demand for web hosting and cloud services in specific European countries has grown within the last 5 years.

In 2018, HCE team have started preparing the opening of an IT Infrastructure and Cloud service center in Copenhagen, Denmark. After a process of careful selection we have decided to deploy infrastructure in AdeoDC in Copenhagen. So, starting from Q1 of 2019 HCE has begun offering Colocation of rack-mount servers, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Servers and Application Hosting with 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Internet connection, from our new Danish location.

The Copenhagen, Denmark Data Center

Our Denmark based data center is located in the outskirts of Copenhagen, in Albertslund. It is a ISAE 3402-II certified facility, built inside a solid concrete building that meets the standard to house IT infrastructure. The building and surrounding area is secured by CCTV and alarm systems 24/7. The data center meets the Tier III standards, has a 1.500 kW power capacity in place, N+1 Infrastructure and is monitored by CCTV and alarm systems 24/7. The fire protection is secured by VESDA/Inergen system. The power is delivered as (A+B), dual resilient power feed to IT enclosure cabinet. The facility supports all standard and high density power solutions with Feed A with UPS N+1 on generator power and metro grid plus Feed B with generator power and metro grid.

In terms of connectivity HCE takes advantage of the carrier-neutral facility, which means that we can customize Internet connectivity and cross connect with a carrier of your preference. All major fiber carriers available n Denmark are present in our data center.

The data center uses underfloor cooling, cold-aisle containment and up to 10kW per rack. There is a backdoor cooling for equipment and appliances which uses up to 30kW per rack. All cooling systems have N+1 configuration. Humidity and temperature levels are in accordance with the ASHRAE standard 2011.

Internet Connectivity & Networking

HCE's most important upstreams and Internet routes in Copenhagen, Denmark data center go through TDC and Nianet with many other ISPs and network on the mix. We can customize the network service for clients who need to run a Virtual Data Center or a Dedicated Cloud. Both IPv4 and IPv6 networking services are available in our Danish POP.

Cloud Computing IaaS

HCE provisions VMware-based Cloud computing services from our Copenhagen, Denmark based data center, with Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Clouds. The Cloud IaaS products are available in our European Cloud Servers section.

Denmark Dedicated Servers with 1 Gbps & 10 Gbps Ports

All three groups of Dedicated Server Hosting services - "4 CPU CORES (1x INTEL XEON)" based servers, "8+ CPU CORES (2x INTEL XEON)" powered physical servers and the "24 CPU CORES (4x INTEL XEON)" based servers - are provisioned from our Copenhagen, Denmark POP.

All HCE Denmark based Dedicated Servers are connected to 1 Gbps ports. The standard data transfer limit for the entry-level Dedicated Servers is 5 TB. 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Dedicated Servers are also available with SSD and PCI-E SSD storage.

We have 24/7/365 onsite technicians in the Denmark data center, operated by our local NOC partner. HCE's own 24/7 remote NOC also provides supports to all customers who have dedicated servers and infrastructure there.

HCE offers three different Service Level Agreement (SLA) option in our Denmark data center which depend on demanded response time. Gold SLA features 2 hour response time during the business days, in the time frame between 8 Am - 6 PM CET with up to 6 hours resolution time. The Platinum SLA features 1 hour response time during the business days, in the time frame between 8 Am - 9 PM CET with up to 4 hours resolution time. The Diamond SLA features 1 hour response time 24/7/365 with up to 4 hours resolution time. If there is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, HCE responds and brings resolution to any client requests on the best-effort basis.