Please read HCE Business Apps Terms and Conditions (BATC) and understand how to use the Business Applications on the Cloud.

By accessing the HCE Business Apps services, powered by VMware Cloud computing platform, ("Cloud Services", "Cloud Infrastructure" or "Cloud IaaS"), you agree to be bound by these Business Apps Terms And Conditions (BATC) of service between you and HCE (also called "Business Apps Terms", "Business Apps Agreement" or "Agreement"). This Business Apps Agreement also includes all the applicable Service Order, Privacy Policy, Service Level Agreement and "General Terms of Service". If any Client does not accept this Business Apps Terms And Conditions (BATC) and to do not agree to them, one shall not access the Business Apps Service. "Client" means an individual or the entity, represented by the person who is in contact with HCE and requested a Business Apps Service. If the Client is entering into this Business Apps Agreement for an entity, the Client represents to us that one has legal authority to bind that entity. "HCE", "we," or "us" means Host Color LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.